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About The Rebel Crows

About Athena Silver

Athena Silver is a professional Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer, Witch, Teacher, Pagan Minister, and owner of Readings With Athena Silver for the past 4 years. Athena offers her gifts and 14 years of experience, study, and understanding of the esoteric arts, witchcraft, and spiritual healing practice. Athena was raised in a psychically connected family of Witches, Dreamers, Folk Healers, Mediums and Psychics, going back many many generations. Athena has devoted her life to be in service to others around her, through her spiritual guidance, tarot and mediumship readings, and through her spiritual cleansing services. Athena is now adding the Rebel Crow Psychic Show to her expanding offerings. Athena studied Meso American Curanderismo Healing practices with a few different mentors, Neo-Peruvian Shamanic Practices with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Ancestor Veneration and Medicine with a few mentors and teachers, including Dr. Daniel Foor and Athena's own Great Grandmother, who was from the Dominican Republic and a family of folk healers and psychic mediums. Athena has read for people from all across the country and from all walks of life. She offers compassionate and empowering advice to help to move you forward on your own spiritual path. Athena has been a featured guest on a podcast and featured on a list of best Hudson Valley Psychics in 2019. Athena is a mother of two boys. She loves to garden, read, and study various Caribbean/African Diaspora religions and practices. They live in the Hudson Valley of New York on traditional Lenni Lenape sacred ancestral land. They live mindfully, consciously, and respectfully on that land, giving offerings and prayers to the rightful residents of that property, past, present, and future. 


Instagram- @Athena.Silver

Facebook- @ReadingsWithAthenaSilver and @AthenaSilver

About Anja River

Anja River is a Tarot Reader, Liminal Witch (of the lazy variety), Lover of Astrology and Planetary Magic, Gardener, and Baby Herbalist. 

Anja has been working with Tarot for 11 years. Her reading style is ever evolving, with emphasis on using the cards as a mirror for what is going on in a querent's life, situation, and how circumstances can be altered through changes in perception and a more complete vision of the situation as presented through the story of the spread. 

Anja has a life coach certification through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has formally studied various topics including herbalism, shamanism, holistic health, meditation, ancestor veneration, planetary magic, and tarot.

Instagram- @AnjaRiver

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