Beyond Tarot Cards...

The Rebel Crows talk Divination, beyond the use of Tarot, in this week's episode of the Rebel Crow Psychic Show.

Athena and Anja had a great conversation about different forms of Divination, on this week's episode 47 of the Rebel Crow Psychic Show podcast on YouTube and on all podcast apps. They started the episode off with a definition of what Divination is. Divining is the act of making connection with Spirits, Ancestors, and Guides, through the use of a spiritual tool such as Tarot, candle wax reading, I Ching, to bring forth messages that apply to your life. The Rebel Crows talked about methods of divining that they use in their own practices and others that are much older, ancient methods.

Come along on this journey as they go deep into discussion on how to connect with your Spirits, through these spiritual tools and how you may benefit from many of these practices.

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